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Human capital strategies will be a key determinant in the future success of any organization. In the role as strategic advisors human-resource executives will increasingly need to quantify the business value of HR-approaches. 4HR offers new tools for collecting and analyzing data at a new level of visibility to enable informed decision-making.

We believe that people and organizational culture matters. That’s why we deliver customized solutions based on the way our individual clients work and the way people think. On a uniquely flexible and configurable platform we develop coherent solutions to fit our client’s processes, system environment and organizational conditions.

4HR gives you instant access to accurate employee data across complex multinational enterprise structures. We support key areas of human capital management with easily configurable processes and an intuitive, graphic interface to view, select, manage and interpret employee data.

Competence mapping to promote your capabilities

Corporations with the best possibilities to manage its competence pools will probably be the most successful in remaining competitive

Keep track of all available competence and bring your employees into one workforce with fully configurable competence profiles.
Shared organizational competence charts support a more consistent understanding of skills and competencies, which promotes enhanced internal mobility of employees.

Easily created search profiles enable you to browse for talent and communicate your competence requirement to internal and external stakeholders.
Identify and fill competence gaps with tools allowing for a proactive approach to ensure the supply of skills and competencies required to power your business.

Manage external resources and take control of a critical input factor

Review the cost and performance of consultants as any other members of staff

4HR provide a solution to put hard numbers on all your contracted operations. With a complete picture of all people powering the organization you can make more informed strategic workforce decisions.

Prop up your demands on supplier performance
Retention is on everybody’s agenda and yet the turnover rate of consultants and temps are rarely known. Include this metric when reviewing your suppliers to spot persistent shifts in provided staff. Allow your regular workforce to evaluate and rate the performance of external services to identify high achievers and poor fits.

Easy monitoring of your external resources
Ensure access to instant data on what resources you employ, what they do, where they come from and how much they cost the organization. An advanced and fully configurable authorization system allows you to integrate external parties into your internal HR platform without compromising confidential information.
Create competence profiles on returning consultants and keep track of all ongoing projects from a HR perspective.

Compensation and performance for consistent and transparent rewards

Reveal a new level of global visibility to support a holistic human capital strategy relevant for business outcome

Manage all forms of employee compensation, including salaries, bonuses, variable pay and long-term incentives in one coherent and easily monitored process. Rely on 4HR to deliver the support you require to manage compensation in a global enterprise, regardless of organizational structure and geographic dispersal.

With one common categorization of competence the consistency of corporate compensation policies can be evaluated across skill areas and business units. Reduce risks and save time by replacing manual spreadsheet methods for auditing and reporting reasons.

Interactive resource distribution
Interactive dashboards allow managers to simulate how each decision impact the available budget to optimize resource distribution.

Benchmark all compensation
Integrate third party salary survey data as benchmarks in your compensation planning process.

Simplified and coherent approval process
All details of submitted compensation proposals become visible for approval managers and HR department.

Communicate total compensations
Give your employees the full picture and make each component of your compensation and benefit plan visible.

Thule Group – - One platform to consolidate an international workforce

The Thule Group is with over 3000 employees at more than 50 facilities worldwide the global leader in products that make it easy for people to transport their equipment. When consolidating the business after a period of rapid growth fueled by acquisitions the lack of accurate and easily compiled data became apparent. National legacy systems prohibited effective access to data across national and organizational borders.

4HR customized a solution called THIS, Thule Human Resource Information System, which is integrated with all incumbent systems to give executives, managers and HR teams an instant global view of the enterprise workforce.

Using one single, global platform enables international managers to access all their employees at once. Searchable competence profiles for the entire organization make talent browsing a routine task. Present or future competence gaps are easily identified and mitigated in intuitive graphs.

The coherent compensation management platform replaced manual processes and spreadsheet methods, which reduced security risks while enhancing efficiency and transparency. In tandem with superior data access, this powerful yet flexible platform enables Thule Group to identify, compensate, develop and nurture all available talent.

4HR enables us to manage compensation in one coherent process closely connected to performance and competence details for each employee, while keeping track of our international competence pool.